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GRADUATE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (GAP) was designed by Knowledge Partners Limited and Quanteq Technologies Limited International Business Machines (IBM) Business Partners to increase impact of Mobil Producing Nig Unlimited (subsidiary of ExxonMobil Corporation) on the economies of Akwa Ibom State- a host community- by providing Information & Communication Technology (ICT) skills as well as entrepreneurship know how to unemployed graduates that meet selection criteria earmarked, as a social responsibility service. MPN will sponsor the program for 3 years only through the Program Management Office (PMO) led by KPL.

450 graduates will be trained in batches of 50 each receiving Instructor led Training (ILT) for 3 months and on the Job (OTJ) placement for 3 months to apply skills. Akwa Ibom State Government as partners provided VADOC 2 as facility for GAP. The program seeks to address among others the following;

  • Reduce unemployment amongst graduates/youth in the state through ICT skills that enhance employability.
  • Build entrepreneurial capacity amongst graduates/youth in the state to catalyze a thriving SME sector through skills acquired.
  • Fill the yearning gap for ICT skills experienced by both public and private sector¬† employers in the state.
  • Provide the base of skilled personnel to support the vision of Akwa Ibom State to establish a technology park in the state.

Brand MPN as a good corporate citizen promoting development in the state. Details

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